Mobile Development

The increase in the use of smart phones with hardware specifications that surpass computer specifications from a few years ago, creating applications for mobile phones is the next big thing. Constant connectivity means that people use their Smartphone’s for most things instead of turning on their laptops and PCs. With popular mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Blackberry registers a combined application download count of 100 billion it is quite easy to guess that this is a very huge market that is still getting bigger.

At Aadya Techno Bytes, we offer mobile development services for a variety of mobile devices available in the market like the iPhone, iPad, Android phones etc. Today’s end users require mobile applications with optimized performance and least resource usage. We develop the best performing applications with intuitive UIs to satisfy all of our client’s requirements. Our Mobile Development expertise includes

  • iPhone Mobile Application Development
  • Android Application Development based on the Google SDK
  • Blackberry OS10 based Mobile Application Development
  • Symbian v3 and v5 based Mobile Application Development
  • Windows Mobile OS Application Development
  • Multi platform Mobile Application Development
  • Porting applications from one platform into another

At Aadya Techno Bytes, we specialize in the development of mobile applications that are optimized for handling held devices and have an interactive and easy to use UI.

Get and Edge Over the Competition With Customized Mobile Applications for Your Business
Aadya Techno Bytes’s Technical Expertise in Web Development

Mobile application development is the next big frontier. Every business wants a mobile application on all common platforms so that their customers can be connected to them 24 x 7. On an average a person spends 2 hours daily on their laptops whereas they spend a total 4 hours using their mobile phones for purposes other than calling other people. We check our phones constantly and use it regularly to connect to the internet. In such a scenario having a mobile application for your business means that your customers will use your services more often.

At Aadya Techno Bytes, we design customized mobile applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Java platforms. This means that we’re a one stop solution for all of your mobile application development needs.

iOS is the name of the OS that Apple Inc developed. It is used by the iPhone series of devices. iPhones are currently the most recognizable brand of Smartphone’s anywhere in the world. We offer premium apps that work flawlessly and look beautiful for iPhones and other devices that use iOS like iPads and iPods.

Android is the most popular mobile OS today with over half the market under its control. Android apps are highly customizable and allow for functionalities that are limited only by your imagination. Android imposes no restrictions on their OS access and thus apps can be developed to use the very latest features.

Blackberry is the premium business phone. It is famous for its always connected functionality and highly secure enterprise level mail and VPN solutions.

Windows Phones have recently started gaining popularity after the hardware giant Nokia made an exclusive deal with Microsoft to manufacture phones exclusively for Windows Phones OS. Its app store is quickly getting populated and is becoming a favorite amongst the businesses who want to switch from Blackberry.

Our developers work using languages like Java, Objective-C, C and make use of all the latest software and frameworks that are at our disposal to produce mobile applications that are of the highest quality. We offer mobile application development services that are suitable for everyone from start-ups to huge corporations. We have extensive development experience in creating

  • Interactive customized mobile apps for businesses
  • Mobile games
  • Apps for Ecommerce websites
  • Interactive business apps that make your life a little easier
  • Porting Android apps to iOS
  • Porting Android apps for Windows Phone and Blackberry
  • Porting iOS aps to Windows and Blackberry environment
  • Porting iOS apps to Android
Technical Expertise

Languages: Java, Objective-C, J#, Visual BASIC and Visual C

Software: Android SDK, X coder, Microsoft Visual Studio, Blackberry SDK, Sencha

Apps for Ecommerce websites

Frameworks: .NET, Phone Gap

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, LINUX, UNIX

At Aadya Techno Bytes, we work to make mobile applications one of a kind with an intuitive user interface and speedy performance. Our highly skilled and enthusiastic set of mobile application development is intimately familiar with the latest fads in the technology and will always help you get that edge over your competitors with the latest cutting edge technology. We provide end to end flexible advanced application development solutions and services. With experienced developers for all popular mobile application development platforms, Aadya Infotech is your ticket to getting the complete solution package in one go.